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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Starting Fresh

I used to think I was an “early adopter” when it came to technology.  Ha!  In actuality – no matter how tech-savvy I am – I am often actually a late adopter!  Who has the time to be an early adopter anyway??  So now, at long last, I am upgrading my blog from my hand-coded original to an official, social-media friendly WordPress blog!  Comment away, my friends, and welcome!

I can’t say I’ll post a lot.  Best intentions never quite fill out my attempts at blogging!  But I am hoping some of the richness I have been experiencing as a sound artist and musician lately will find its way onto the page here from time to time.  Stay tuned for sporadic news and updates on Forms of Air, rumination on my latest trials and endeavors in field recording and sound art, discussions/reviews of gear, links to cool sound sites, and so on.