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Forms of Air is the moniker of visual and sound artist Rebekah Jarvis-Girtler. Since 2009, the Forms of Air project has culminated in three independently released sound art albums and a handful of as-yet unreleased works, including Influx, which debuted at The Arts Center of the Capital Region’s “Wired Kingdom” exhibition in 2010. Forms of Air’s albums include Locality_14802 (2009), Cloud Chases Cloud (2009), and For a Loop (2012). A selection from For a Loop was recently selected for inclusion in the Fall 2012 edition (issue 28) of On Site Review.

Describing her creative process, Rebekah writes, “Forms of Air emerged out of my experience of the magic in everyday sounds and my training as a visual artist. I’m interested in all this noise, things that happen all around us every day in domestic and urban life, that we don’t actually process or pay attention to. Technology, architecture, and nature all produce this vast palette of textures and harmonies. I take my recorder all over the place and make field recordings of things like engines, motors, and ice machines, birds arguing, bubble wrap popping, footsteps on snow, and the heaving sighs of heating and cooling equipment. Getting into the studio and working with the sounds feels like painting to me. I take my raw field recordings and start to pick apart sonic qualities, putting things together, comparing and contrasting. I manipulate and combine sounds, strip out certain frequencies. Eventually, I start to layer things together, and that’s when a finished piece really starts to take shape.”

Rebekah uses a ZOOM H2 recorder to make field recordings. She primarily uses the ZOOM’s on board mics, but is investigating external binaural mics for some future recordings. Some sounds on For a Loop were recorded on a ZOOM Q3 recorder. She uses Adobe Audition 3.0 for editing, processing, and mixing and prefers PC’s to Macs.

For more information, news, and occasional ramblings on the process and inspiration behind Forms of Air, read on! Albums and other goodies can be purchased in the Forms of Air Shop.


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