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Leaping Onto The Gotye Bandwagon…

I have spent a rather lovely hour or so watching Gotye (and Gotye inspired) videos on Youtube.  If like me, you live under a rock, Gotye is a popular and inventive musician from Australia.  I had no idea I was listening to Top 40 hits whilst jamming to tracks off “Making Mirrors” and completing librarian homework, but so it goes.

Anyway, in lieu of any progress updates on my work (none to report, see the bit about librarian homework above), here are some videos I found inspiring as someone who dabbles in sound.


Gotye brilliantly remixes Youtube covers of his song “Somebody I used to Know”:


The original sound, for comparison:


Gotye breaks down the creation of “Eyes Wide Open” including a visit to a giant “sound fence” in Australia and insight into the surprising number of bits and pieces in the song (are you feeling inspired yet?):


Another “making of” video, featuring all sorts of sonic goodies, as well as background information on the song “State of the Art”:


And finally, the totally surreal video for “State of the Art”, which makes a little bit more sense after watching the above documentary: