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Until March 31st…

Good news if you enjoy reading about sound/art – my favorite sound art journal has 10 free articles posted – no database access required! Check out (and download) a bunch of great articles from Organised Sound for free until March 31st, 2013 here.


Interesting Journal

Art nerd moment – just found a really great journal and had to share! If you have database access and are interested in art, creativity, and psychology, I highly recommend “Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts”. The latest issue has several articles on music and emotion. Volume 6(1) has a fascinating article which originally attracted me called “Physiological Correlates of Aesthetic Perception of Artworks in a Museum” (Tschacher et al.). The authors of this article used quantitative (hard data) measures to evaluate museum-goers’ responses to artwork. This methodology is fairly novel, as so much of aesthetics research is qualitative (subjective).  The researchers tracked participants physical path through the museum, as well as heart rate and sweat responses to specific works.  I found the focus on arousal patterns (increased heart rate etc.) particularly interesting – one major conceptual area I explore in my sound work is physiological response to sounds.  My work is constructed specifically to slow the pulse and decrease respiration, guiding the listener into imagined worlds, memories, or meditative states.  I hope to see more research in this area as time goes on, as I would love to learn more about how aesthetic experiences can effect the body – and put findings to work in my own compositions.

Anyway, if you like this resource and want to check out some others that I have dug up (many of which do not require database access or a subscription), check out my Resources page.  I continue to add things to this list as I find them – I often bump into things at random whilst looking for other things and the librarian in me (yes, that’s one of my other hats) always jumps at the opportunity to share interesting or useful materials!